Growing the Human Lungs

In 2013 I worked closely with a respiratory therapist in order to animate the normal functions of the lungs, as well as capturing the destructive behavior of asthma.

Before moving forward, it was critical to choose the right tool for the job. Since this was an exploration of the fractal nature of the lungs, I would be growing the lungs, and therefore Houdini was my top choice for the job. This initial test proved that I was on the right track.

initial test setup inside Houdini

There was much hands-on research, and months of collecting data. The hands-on hand-on research included a dissection. Some of the most valuable information was found in Morphometry of the Human Lung, by Ewald R. Weibel M.D., published in 1963. Weibel's book was priceless in understanding the structure of the lungs, right down to the alveoli.

capillary network surrounding an alveoli

a node network inside of Houdini

More details comings soon...